Understanding the Admission Process

Each admission, like each resident, is unique. Our expert Admissions Coordinator can walk you through the process of joining our home. No matter if you are transferring from home, hospital, or another healthcare facility, we can help.

Our administrative team will work with you to determine the best payment options for you. A complete, expert review of your available plan benefits will help us maximize your coverage—at the lowest possible cost to you.

Your loved one’s safety, well-being, and comfort are our top priority. Our clinical and therapy teams will listen to your needs. We’ll work with you to put together a plan to meet your goals.

The first step is to call us at 806.779.2469 or fill out our contact form here.

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Clinical Services

  • Rehabilitación a domicilio
  • Programas restaurativos de enfermería
  • Cuidado de relevo
  • Cuidado de heridas
  • Terapia física, ocupacional y del habla
  • Recuperación de la cirugía
  • Accidentes cerebrovasculares y enfermedades neurológicas
  • Enfermedades relacionadas con el corazón
  • Manejo de la diabetes
  • Podología
  • Odontología
  • Optometría
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Services
  • Hospicio
  • Servicios de transporte
  • Manejo de medicación
  • Servicios nutricionales
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Laundry & Housekeeping
  • Servicios religiosos
  • Actividades atractivas

To find out if our clinical team can help you, email us at info@csnhc.com.

The Director of Nursing and Administrator will assess the unique needs of your loved one and work with you to ensure all goals are met.

Payment and Financing Options

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Medicaid Pending
  • Veteran Affairs Contract
  • Supplemental Security Income/Disability (SSI)
  • Supplemental Security Income—Approval Pending
  • Private Insurance or Managed Care Contract
  • Personal Payment Plan
  • Hospice Contract Services
  • Supplemental Insurances Accepted
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Other Liability Insurance/Auto Accident Insurance

Our benefits are verified by subject matter experts with extensive knowledge in long-term and short-term care coverage. We will help you take full advantage of your unique plan benefits. We strive to make you aware of your coverage limits in advance, helping you make the best financial decisions for your care. Our goal is full financial transparency.

Next Steps: Connect with Our Team

We know that each of our residents requires a unique plan to fit their needs. Your next step is to fill out our form or call our team directly at 806.779.2469. Our team is available to speak with you about your loved one’s needs and help you create a plan unique to you.

Connect With Our Skilled Nursing Team

Tenga la tranquilidad de que su ser querido está en buenas manos. Complete el siguiente formulario y
uno de nuestros representantes se comunicará en breve.


Línea de atención al cliente

Nuestro equipo de atención especializada busca continuamente formas de mejorar la calidad de la atención que ofrecemos a nuestros residentes. Como residente o miembro de la familia, no dude en comunicarse con nuestra línea de atención al cliente en cualquier momento para expresar inquietudes, ofrecer consejos o buscar ayuda con un problema que pueda tener. Su llamada puede ser anónima, y nuestro equipo de atención al cliente revisa todas las inquietudes y realiza un seguimiento.


Long-Term Care Ombudsman

A long-term care ombudsman helps residents of a nursing facility and residents of an assisted living facility resolve complaints. Help provided by an ombudsman is confidential and free of charge. To speak with an ombudsman, a person may call the toll-free number 1-800-252-2412.

Facility Admission Policy

It is the policy to admit and to treat all residents without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, handicap or age in compliance with the 45 CFR Parts 80, 84 and 91 respectively. The same requirements for admission are applied to all patients whose needs are reasonable for the facility to meet, and residents are assigned within this care center without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, handicap or age. Each resident must be admitted to the facility on the recommendation of a licensed physician. It is the policy of the facility not to retain a resident who required services beyond those for which the facility is licensed or has the functional ability to provide. This determination is made by the facility admissions committee. There is no distinction in the eligibility for, or in the manner of providing any resident service provided by the care center or by others in or outside of the care center. The services of this care center are available without distinction to all residents and visitors regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, handicap or age. All persons and organizations having occasion either to refer residents for admission or to recommend to the care center are advised to do so without regard to the resident's race, color, sex, national origin, handicap or age.

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